GTA RP Twitch streamer gets DMCA strike for “sirens and horn blasts”

Twitch/Rockstar Games

A Twitch streamer was left utterly stunned after he got a DMCA strike for “sirens and horn blasts” — while playing GTA 5.

Anybody who has ever played or even seen clips of GTA knows that sound effects such as those are impossible to miss. With crime and violence running rampant in Los Santos, sirens are unavoidable in every sense of the word.

It’s part and parcel of the GTA experience and not something you really think about. But, apparently, it’s something Twitch thinks about.

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Not long after advising players to mute game audio when streaming, Twitch streamer Ramee found out exactly why they recommend it.

GTA RP police officerRockstar Games
GTA role play lets players take on the role of any number of people in Los Santos.

After receiving a DMCA strike while streaming, Ramee decided to take a look at — and potentially appeal — the strike. Obviously, he was completely gobsmacked when he realized what it was for.

Pulling up the strike screen to see what it was, you can hear the despair in Ramee’s voice. “Fire truck sirens and horn blasts… No shot,” he exclaimed. “No f**king way. What is this? Let’s check it out.”

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Ramee then copies the audio name into YouTube and plays it for his viewers to hear. “Are you f**king kidding me?!” he asked. “No shot, bro… Oh my god.”

Ramee is evidently flabbergasted by the strike, with the audio actually coming from The Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Library. Hollywood Edge was one of Hollywood’s biggest stock sound effects suppliers throughout the 90s and 2000s.

Of course, Ramee has removed the VOD from his channel, not looking to face a ban or suspension from Twitch. That said, it definitely raises some question over how many other streamers face potential strikes through their GTA RP gameplay. Hopefully we don’t see any bans as a result.

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