Twitch streamer has instant regret after IRL bike accident

cat6cycling streamer hits a poleTwitch/cat6cycling

An IRL Twitch streamer, who specializes in cycling around California, learned the hard way not to look at chat while on the road after an embarrassing bike accident.

On March 22, Jillycube of the Cat6Cycling channel was cycling down the street in the Bay Area when she became a bit too interested in what her chat was saying.

As she focused on her viewers’ remarks, she took her eyes off the road and brutally crashed into a pole.

Luckily for her, she seemed to have spotted the pole in her peripheral vision in the nick of time, as she put her hand to brace for impact and shield her head from the collision. Nonetheless, Jillycube, her bike and phone all crashed right into the pole.

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“Ow, sh*t!” the streamer swore immediately after making contact. “I looked at the chat. Oh my God, my bad.”

Despite the crash sounding pretty bad, Jill was fortunate that nothing was broken. “Bike’s fine. Chat’s fine,” she remarked. “Lens is okay!”

She was able to continue on her trip shortly thereafter but had to convince the viewers that she was alright, as they seemed concerned for her after the accident.

cat6cycling streamer rides bike in bay areaTwitch/cat6cycling
Jill was okay after slamming into the pole.

“I looked at the chat and didn’t realize that the pole was there,” she explained. “I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m good!”

According to the streamer, this was the first time she had ever been distracted by chat and had crashed her bike – something she called “embarrassing.”

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As “embarrassing” as the incident was, it would be far worse if Twitch viewed this as a bannable offense. In the past, fellow streamer Jinny was banned from the platform for reckless driving after she nearly bumped into people while riding a scooter.

Jill shares the Cat6Cycling channel with two other cyclists, so it would be especially bad if a ban happens, as it would also lock them out in the process.

Hopefully, the streamer learned her lesson through hitting the pole and the channel remains in good standing with Twitch.