Twitch streamer Kaceytron clarifies clip after racist slur accusations

kaceytron responds to criticism over purported racial slur clipYouTube: Kaceytron

Kaceytron is a well-known personality on Twitch, whose sarcastic, self-deprecating humor and biting honesty have earned her an impressive following — but she’s had to hit back at unexpected criticism in a series of recent posts.

Kaceytron has made quite a name for herself as a full-time broadcaster, amassing hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitch and YouTube combined for her humorous streams and interactions with other broadcasters.

While she’s never been one to take critiques and judgements of her character sitting down, Kaceytron has recently taken to social media to combat claims that she said a racial slur while singing along to a song in a past broadcast.

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“There’s a clip of me surfacing where it SOUNDS like I am saying the N-Word,” the steamer explained. “I FULLY understand that it SOUNDS like I am saying it. However, I am not. This isn’t the first time in Twitch history someone has said something that started with an ‘N’ and is misheard as the N-word.”

According to Kaceytron, she was singing along to Tech9’s ‘Hood Go Crazy’ when the clip was taken, saying the lyric, “Kansas City natives and we’re all a little kookoo” — a verse that has no racial slur involved.

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The streamer also noted that she was wearing a mask during the clip, making it even harder for viewers to accurately hear what she was actually saying.

She then provided a link to the VOD of the clip in question. Kaceytron went on to claim that she repeatedly reiterated that she did not say a slur directly after the moment occurred, and even had to take a break from the broadcast because she “was so upset” over the incident.

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That’s not all — others have criticized Kaceytron for apparently quoting a racial slur that was said to her during a more recent broadcast. The streamer argued that she misspoke, and apologized.

Thus far, it seems that Kaceytron has been met with ample support from her fanbase amid these accusations, although she continues to receive criticism in wake of her response to the drama.

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