GTA Online players urge Rockstar to fix frustrating gameplay before GTA 6

Alan Bernal
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Rockstar Games

GTA 5 and Online use Rockstar’s cover system that debuted in the franchise years before but, with the studio having multiple projects on its plate, players are urging them to fix a frustrating element of its gameplay.

Rockstar are gearing to release the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition soon. While we expect those games to preserve their classic gameplay, fans are hoping the developers address one of their modern titles’ issues ahead of GTA 6.

Everything from the franchise’s free-form approach with navigating cities to the gunplay that explodes into chaos, GTA beautifully immerses its players into the crime worlds it creates.

But something that can take you out of the groove, especially when firefights break, is the wonky cover system that some players find inconsistent, at best.

“I love GTA 5’s cover system,” user ‘whatheSuck’ said, a statement he ironically made after attaching a video showing his character struggling to clip to nearby objects.

Using cover to avoid getting hit is one of the first things Rockstar teaches you in GTA 5. In application, though, it doesn’t always work as players want it to when the chips are down.

“I really hope they fix the hanky controls in the next-gen versions,” another user said. “I wish they make it feel more like RDR2 controls.”

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Rockstar Games
GTA players want a more reliable cover system when the action heats up.

People had a lot of love for Red Dead Redemption 2’s cover system and overall movement controls. But in GTA, the cover system can feel awkward to operate and, sometimes, downright ambiguous to initiate.

While you only need to press one button to enter the cover, your mileage may vary when trying to maneuver from object to object or even when switching between retaliating and ducking back to safety.

Even though there have been some struggles in deciphering how the system works, there’s hope that Rockstar could make improvements for GTA 6 and beyond.