GTA Trilogy achievements list leaked with new trophies

GTA trilogyRockstar

GTA Trilogy news just keeps pouring in as updated icons for each game’s trophy list have been found in the Rockstar Games launcher.

Grand Theft Auto community member alloc8or has found some very interesting images related to the upcoming GTA Trilogy remaster.

While this project had been rumored for quite some time, an October 5 update on the Rockstar Games PC launcher has all but confirmed the arrival of remastered versions of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas, and these updated images give us a better picture of what to expect from the project.

It’s important to remember that none of this is official as of yet, so there’s still time for things to change before the day of release. With that being said, here are some of the most interesting details that have been dug up so far.

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GTA Trilogy Remastered achievements

GTA RemastersRockstar Games
The original trilogy is rumored to hit next-gen consoles in the coming months.

Each game is receiving a handful of new achievements. It’s impossible to say exactly what they’ll be, or how to unlock them for that matter,  but we do know how many new ones there are.

  • GTA III – 15 new additions
  • GTA Vice City – 9 new additions
  • GTA San Andreas –  15 new additions

The majority of these trophies will be familiar to players who experienced these games in their original forms, with iconic characters like 8-Ball, Tommy Vercetti, and Carl Johnson covering more than a few of them, but there are some surprising changes and additions.

In the Vice City section, there seems to be a bicycle emblem alongside the game’s other drivable options. This would be quite a major change, seeing as bikes weren’t added as transportation in the franchise until San Andreas was released in 2004. They were however featured in the Playstation Portable title Vice City Stories and could indicate the latter title’s inclusion in the remaster.

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San Andreas also sports a big update in the form of a gigantic, hairy footprint encased in dirt.

Bigfoot in San Andreas remastered

GTA Myths / Rockstar Games
Bigfoot was rumored to be hiding somewhere in the depths of San Andreas, but players could never prove if he was in the game at all.

While that might not make sense to any first-time players, longtime Grand Theft Auto fans will undoubtedly remember the unending speculation about a certain cryptid hiding outside the city limits, near Mount Chilliad, or in the Shady Cabin area.

While Rockstar’s former VP Dan Houser has stated that Bigfoot actually was in the game but was removed sometime before launch, it looks like the myth that set the internet ablaze with speculation back in 2005 may be on its way to reality this time around.

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It’s hard to say what many of these icons will actually mean, but we shouldn’t be waiting long to find out, as the GTA Trilogy is expected to launch sometime in 2022.