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GTA Online: Upcoming casino podium cars revealed

Published: 14/Jun/2020 11:42

by Connor Bennett


The next set of cars that will be making their way to the casino podium in GTA Online have been revealed – and there are plenty of expensive vehicles still yet to come. 

When GTA Online’s Diamond Casino finally swung open its doors in July of 2019, players finally had the chance to gamble their hard-earned cash on a variety of different games. Though, as anyone who has entered the casino will know, it also does give back. 

The lucky spin wheel gives each player a daily spin, and by trying their luck, GTA Online fans can end up with new clothing, free cash, or even a new car. When it comes to the cream of the crop for free cars, these appear on the rotating podium that sits in front of the spin wheel – and there are still some pretty nice cars left to get their moment in the spotlight.


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Rockstar Games
The lucky spin wheel gives GTA Online players a chance to get free rewards.

Back in March, reliable Rockstar Games insider TezFun revealed a list of ten cars that would be released in the build-up to the summer months on the spin wheel. As some of those cars have been ticked off and released, there are still plenty to go.

Players have noted that the Apocalypse Deathbike, V-STR, R88, and S80RR are all yet to be released from TezFun’s initial list. The $4,628,400 Scramjet didn’t make the cut on the insider’s initial list, but was recently added to the podium files and should also be available from the spin wheel in the near future. 


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Just a quick reminder to not buy any of these vehicles, since they will be on the podium the following weeks. from gtaonline

Now, when these vehicles will get their turn on the casino podium is a different story. Nobody knows the order in which the cars will be available – it is just a case of waiting for Rockstar’s weekly Thursday updates.

Once all these cars have been available from the spin wheel, Rockstar will have to add more, and they could come from GTA Online’s next major update. The last rumors suggested that Cops N Crooks would be making a returning but we’ll just have to wait and see about that.