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GTA Online leaker reveals ten more cars coming to casino Lucky Wheel

Published: 6/Mar/2020 16:45

by Connor Bennett


A Rockstar Games insider has revealed the ten cars that are still set to be winnable from the GTA Online lucky spin wheel despite not appearing just yet. 

When the Diamond Casino and Resort launched in GTA Online back in July, fans were immediately given the chance to pick up free rewards on a daily basis. By logging in each day and heading to the casino, players could spin the lucky wheel in order to win some prizes.

The big prize, aside from the mystery tile, comes in the form of a free vehicle. What is on offer for that specific week is shown off on a podium just after you enter the casino – but actually winning it comes with some long odds. However, with some insiders confirming that the ‘vehicle drip’ had come to an end, GTA Online players have been concerned about the next set of prizes.


Rockstar GamesGTA Online players all get a daily spin on the lucky wheel at the casino.

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However, there doesn’t look to be any reason to be concerned after Rockstar insider TezFun2 revealed that there are still ten cars that are on the lucky wheel list but haven’t yet been available as prizes.

In posts to the GTAForums, the insider revealed that five of these would be the V-STR, Shotaro, Zion Classic, JB700W, and R88 – with the final car there being the second of the two available Formula One cars.

Yet, there is no specific order in which they will be released. It is just a case of them being ready to go. 


Screenshot - GTA Forums
One half of the list of GTA Online cars still to come on the lucky wheel.

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Following a quick update to GTA V on March 5, the insider noted that a further five cars had also been added to this list along with some fixes. Yet, they didn’t reveal what they would be in their Tweet. 

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Instead, they kept that again for the GTAForums, noting that these would be the Sultan Classic, Reaper, Tempesta, Pariah, and Deluxo. Again, there is no specific order for their release, but anyone who hasn’t bought them in-game will have a chance to win them for free.


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When they will become available on the daily spin wheel remains to be seen, but the list will no doubt ease concerns about a possible lack of content.

With the list also containing some pretty pricey vehicles, there is also room for fans to hold off on spending their hard-earned, or stolen, cash for now.