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Clever GTA Online trick completely avoids VIP Work cooldowns

Published: 13/Jun/2020 15:16

by Connor Bennett


Grand Theft Auto Online players have uncovered a clever trick that allows you to bypass the cooldown for VIP Work and pretty much jump into another job. 

GTA Online is full of different ways for players to rack up money and live extravagant virtual lifestyles. There are stores to steal from, races to win, and businesses to run – with the latter being one of the best ways to make money fast while playing. 

These businesses require you to be a CEO, or a VIP, which you can only do by running one for yourself. Becoming a CEO or VIP means that you can start jobs and make money while the business runs passively in the background. Though, the cooldown between certain jobs can be annoying. 

Rockstar Games
VIP Work is a lucrative way to rack up money in GTA Online.

How to get no cooldown on GTA Online’s VIP Work

That’s why players have found a way to get around the cooldown and jump back into VIP Work pretty quickly. However, it will require you to have the ability to become a CEO and also the president of a Motorcycle Club – which can be costly to start up in itself.  

The method comes from Reddit user eliasthepro2005, who notes that if you start a VIP Work job as a CEO, finish it, and then become an MC President, the cooldown will quicker tick to its end – and you can job between missions. 

  1. Register as a CEO
  2. Start the VIP Work job that you want to have no cooldown on
  3. Complete the job, retire as a CEO, and then register as an MC President
  4. Start an MC Contract (These are found on the wall of the MC Club prep room)
  5. Complete the contract, disband the MC and re-register as a CEO
  6. You should have the mission you want to play again without a cooldown

The Redditor notes that this method might not work with the special CEO vehicles and definitely doesn’t work with the client jobs you can start from inside of the Terrorbyte.

However, it is still a way to bypass the five-minute countdown on jobs like Headhunter and Sightseer – so you can quickly rack up the cash. Though, Rockstar might address the method in the future if it is deemed an exploit like the casino chip glitch.


Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy remaster clues get GTA fans excited

Published: 27/Jan/2021 10:25

by David Purcell


GTA 6 might be the project almost everybody wants Rockstar Games to reveal, but a new leak points to something very different coming soon. A Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy remaster appears to be in the works. 

For months now, there has been speculation that the next Grand Theft Auto game would be the first to release on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. Then, there was the announcement that GTA Online would be receiving a big update first.

Next up, all clues are pointing towards a remaster potentially being next in line. This news comes just a day after we reported on a Rockstar Games employee, who mentioned the development of “unannounced games” on their LinkedIn profile.

On top of that, posts on the GTA Forums seem to suggest a remaster collection is in the pipeline.

San Andreas, Vice City & GTA 3 remasters leaked

A culmination of various clues has led players to believe San Andreas, Vice City and GTA 3 will be remastered for this generation of consoles.

In the forums, Mach1bud (tagged as staff), placed a cryptic post on there for all to see, hinting at a remaster – reported by GTA Base. Some other users thought they might have been leaking to the wrong forum, but they quickly brushed that theory aside.

They said: “Oh I know very well what forum I should be in and I know that you know that if I were to post these in those forums everyone would begin to know what we know.

“I’ve wanted this to happen for many years now and I’m glad it’s happening sooner rather than later.”

GTA Forums leak
GTA Forums
A GTA Trilogy remastered has been teased in the GTA Forums. Could it release before GTA 6?

Not only that, but Twitter user uNi also followed up by posting three Shark Cards, which regular players know are used to add money to GTA Online. Each of the cards have an interesting detail on them, stating the dates 2001/2002/2004.

Some fans have speculated that, because these were the release dates for the rumored remastered games, that this also feeds into the previous leak.

Could they release before GTA 6?

It’s worth noting that uNi is an admin on the GTA Forums, and regularly tweets from GTA Net – a popular news source for Grand Theft Auto fans.

With confirmation of GTA 6 being developed still very much a rumor at this point, there is a chance that Rockstar Games is working on two huge projects. Though, if accurate, this could suggest that a Trilogy comeback may actually surface much sooner than anticipated – possibly even before we see the next new installment to the franchise.