GTA Online: How to unlock casino easter egg using just a bottle of whiskey

David Purcell

Not every player who hops into the Diamond Casino and Resort will know this, but having your Grand Theft Auto Online character drink too much at the bar is actually a lot more exciting than you might think. 

At first glance, it would appear – just like the minibars found in apartments across Los Santos – that the option to guzzle down some alcohol in GTA leads pretty much nowhere, other than make your player a little tipsy. 

However, the casino seems to have brought something very different to the table with a hidden easter egg that can be found by doing just that, drinking. 

GTA screengrab, via KotakuGTA’s Online casino opened its doors in July and has attracted flocks of players there ever since.

There are a few things that you need to do – or have done – to get yourself started. You must have access to the Master Penthouse inside the casino to unlock story missions and complete the first one of those, which will allow you to advance to work missions. 

Head over to the bar in the casino. If you decide to throw back a few too many drinks, your character will eventually get drunk, but it’s a very specific shot that you will need to drink to unlock this easter egg – Macbeth Whiskey. 

Rockstar GamesThe GTA Casino Master Penthouse was once available for free to Twitch Prime members.

From there, repeatedly drink the same shots until you spawn inside a secret mission. Don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t work the first time, though, as it will take a few tries. 

Once your character passes out, there’s a good chance that they will return to their penthouse, back inside the casino, or elsewhere. You’ll know when you have been granted access as it will spawn you right into a mission, as seen in Ice InfluX‘s YouTube video below.

Judging by the evidence here, it looks like completing the mission will land you with $6,500 of in-game cash, which isn’t half bad for having a few drinks at the bar. 

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