GTA Online truck driver’s sneak attack thwarts heist getaway

gta online truckTake-Two Interactive

A GTA Online player’s attempt to steal a race car was derailed when a sneak attack from a semi-truck came out of nowhere.

Grand Theft Auto Online more or less gives users free rein to do what they will in the expansive game world.

Players never miss an opportunity to take advantage of the gameplay possibilities, either. As such, chaos reigns supreme in GTA’s multiplayer suite, so much so that it seems the universe craves balance.

And a certain ongoing event ensures that not all crimes in the world of GTA Online go unpunished.

An aggressive truck driver stops car theft in GTA Online

GTA Online player Tortoise_15 pulled over near a bright yellow sports car in a parking lot to steal it. Their seemingly impromptu mission seemed simple enough when they entered the vehicle.

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However, the driver of a semi had other plans in mind for the would-be thief. Before the Redditor even had a chance to drive off, the trucker barreled through a nearby fence and two parked vehicles just to halt the car heist.

And the ambush didn’t stop there. The truck driver continued ramming into the stolen car, even changing course when the vehicle had moved out of its path.

Unbeknownst to the Redditor, the AI truck drivers in GTA Online aren’t randomly dishing out vigilante justice. On the contrary, this is all part of the recently released Cerberus freemode event.

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The Halloween-themed event tasks players with stealing exotic vehicles, then driving them to assigned locations.

Upon collecting the car, however, users should expect to find themselves on the receiving end of aggressive attacks from the Apocolypse Cerberus truck.

The truck’s sole mission, of course, is to prevent drivers from making the drop. As seen in the gameplay clip above, this Apocolypse Cerberus vehicle isn’t messing around.