GTA Online Halloween Surprise 2021: Start date, new events & more

Connor Bennett
GTA Online chartacters riding halloween bikes
Rockstar Games

Halloween might still be a few weeks away but some of the GTA Online content to celebrate the holiday has started to leak out. So, here’s everything you need to know. 

Just like plenty of other multiplayer titles, Rockstar Games will give players the chance to celebrate real-world holidays inside the virtual world of GTA Online.

The annual Christmas events have been spectacular, and there is usually fun to be had around Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Independence Day to boot.

Halloween is another of those that players can expect new content for – even if it’s as game-changing as Christmas – and this year looks to be no different as some details have started to filter out.

Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games
Rockstar regularly celebrates real-world events like Valentines Day.

When does Halloween Surprise 2021 start in GTA Online?

Now, the spooky day of Halloween might happen on October 31, but in 2021, that’s a Sunday, which throws a bit of a spanner into the works when it comes to a GTA online update.

Just like previous years, the actual Halloween Surprise update will go live days before the day itself and likely fall in line with the weekly Thursday updates.

That means that Thursday, October 28 is likely when we’ll see the new content drop into GTA Online and it should last for at least a week. Last year’s event was split across two weeks, running until November 16, so Rockstar may opt for something similar this year given that was a success.

GTA Online Halloween Surprise logo
Rockstar Games
Halloween Surprise has been a yearly tradition in GTA Online since 2015.

Halloween Surprise 2021 events

For the past two years, the main event for Halloween Surprise has been the return of the Peyote Plants. Players can eat one and randomly turn into an animal, which provides some fun.

However, this year, something else could be in store. In late August, monkeypolice188 claimed that a random in-game encounter that is inspired by the Fiery Fury scene from the movie Christine will take place in Paleto, with a Tornado Custom taking the place of the iconic horror car.

New Halloween Surprise event teasers

While there’s still no official word on what new content is coming with the event, we have received the first official hint and it looks like there’s some unusual UFO activity over the Paleto Bay waters.

Players have reported seeing these UFOs hovering over the bay, and it seems as if they’re harmless for now, but there’s plenty of time for that to change before the event actually starts.


Will Halloween Surprise have new vehicles?

In terms of potential new vehicles, Rockstar hasn’t added a new vehicle in the Halloween update since 2019 when they introduced the Western Rampant Rocket.

Last year, the Casino Lucky Wheel got two updates with the XA-21 and S80RR getting their moments in the spotlight. However, neither of those are particularly spooky.

We’re not betting on a new car being added to the game this year either, but that could change.

As is typical with the Halloween updates, players will likely be able to get Double GTA$ and RP rewards in Survival missions as well as Double GTA$ and RP rewards from Adversary Modes.

If anything changes, we’ll update this post, so be sure to check back for more as we get closer to the day.