GTA Online players want Los Santos’ biggest map change back after suddenly disappearing

Alan Bernal
GTA Online gameplay

GTA Online players noticed the big map update that turned Los Santos into a winter snowscape suddenly disappeared. Now, people want Rockstar to bring back the snowy landscape for just a little while longer.

On December 30, people were surprised to see the game go back to normal so soon. Although the in-game Christmas event is over, some players were hoping that the weather effects would stay around for longer.

“What a weird day to remove the snow,” one player wrote. “Couldn’t just keep it for new years weekend.”

The December 23 GTA Online update blanketed Los Santos and Blaine County in snow to celebrate the holidays. But players were sad to see the change in scenery revert back to normal just one week after it was introduced.

GTA Online snow map revert

As players wrap up their last GTA Online sessions on the holiday map, people are already looking forward to the next time Los Santos is covered in snow.

“Reminds me of home,” another person wrote. “Definitely spent some time just taking in the snow-covered scenery, burning one and going for drives actually obeying traffic laws.

“For all its faults, there’s no game like GTAO, and going for a drive through the snow takes me home like no other video games ‘snow level’ can.”

The GTA community is hoping Rockstar Games brings back the snow in the new year like they’ve been known to do.

GTA Online snow servers?

gta online snow
GTA Online players want servers where the snowy fun never has to end.

There are plenty of people that would love Rockstar to make an option or separate lobbies specifically with the snowy version of Los Santos.

“I want there to be an option for snow lobbies and snowless lobbies so I can enjoy it longer,” a fan said. Though people agreed the snow marked a special time in GTA, some people don’t want to see it go.

Considering the latest GTA Online content offerings of offroad vehicles and the like, people are really hoping they can experience the snow map again soon.