New GTA Online leaks apparently show new races & time trials

. 6 months ago
GTA online player in a street race
Rockstar Games

Markers for new races and time trials in GTA Online have leaked within the game’s December 30 update.

The next update for GTA Online goes live on December 30, 2021. The update is set to bring new content, rewards, and discounts across GTA Online, but something stranger has been found within the files – new markers for races and time trials that presently don’t exist within the game.

Here’s everything we know, and a healthy dose of speculation about what these leaked markers could mean.

Cars racing in GTA Online
Rockstar Games
Could more races be coming to GTA V?

New races and time trials in GTA Online?

Images of these markers have been shared on Twitter by user Tez2 who also said:

“Markers for new Races and Time Trials found within the recent update. Either cut content or planned for E&E. Abbreviation for them is HSW. No clue what that could refer to.”

You can see his Tweet in full below:

When Tez2 says “E&E,” he’s referring to the Expanded and Enhanced edition of GTA V which will release on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S in March 2022.

This could mean that the updated edition of the game may include extra races and time trials that were not present in the previous versions. However, Tez2 also speculates that the races and trials could simply be cut content.

GTA online stock cars racing
Rockstar Games
New races and trials would make sense in GTA V Expanded and Enhanced.

Will GTA Online be getting new tracks and time trials?

Rockstar has stayed tight-lipped about what new content will be coming to the Expanded and Enhanced edition of GTA V. So, it’s unknown at this point if the markers represent new or cut content.

The good news is GTA Online receives updates frequently, so the markers could indeed be Rockstar laying the groundwork for new tracks and time trials. This would explain why the markers were found in an update.

It’s also likely that new races and trials are exactly what Rockstar has in mind when they say the game will be expanded, however, this is simply speculation on our part.

As the game is a re-release of a title that launched in 2013, fans shouldn’t expect any new content to be too ambitious. Instead, like most remasters, the Expanded and Enhanced version of GTA V is likely to be everything released up to now in one package, with some nice surprises thrown in.

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