GTA Online players uncover secret outfit boosts after nearly a decade

Connor Bennett
GTA Online character riding bike with gun out

GTA Online players have highlighted some neat boosts that you can get while wearing certain outfits as not everyone knew about them.

It’s been almost a full decade since Rockstar Games unleashed GTA 5 and GTA Online onto the world, with it becoming one of the most successful games of all time across a number of console generations.

Even though the iconic sandbox title is pretty old at this point, and some fans are desperate for GTA 6, there are still plenty of secrets and other things to be uncovered around Los Santos. For example, players have only just realized that there are working tides in the game.

Not all of these secrets correspond to the city or surrounding areas, though, some can actually be found in your wardrobe and even help you dodge death in certain scenarios.

GTA Outfits give helpful boosts that not everyone knows about

That’s right, if you’ve played GTA Online for long enough, you’ve probably got an abundance of free outfits from Rockstar Games, or stuck your hand in your pocket to unlock a few special looks.

Well, as Redditor Ronnymalony points out, there are a handful of complete outfits – including the scuba suit, jet pilot suit, stunt bike driver, and complete heavy suit – that will grant you some specific boosts in certain scenarios.

On top of giving you unlimited oxygen and a faster swim time, the scuba suit also gives you a light to see under the water a bit easier. If you wear the biker outfit, you’ve got a much better chance of surviving a crash. So while they’re not entirely flashy, the outfits are helpful.

As noted, some fans were pretty surprised to find out that the outfits actually have uses and secrets. “The fact that they went out of their way to give Perks to some outfits is really cool,” said one. “I’ve been playing this game for 5 years and never heard of the bike suit feature, thanks for the info!” added another.

Some players have suggested that Rockstar should, now, add further perks for other outfits but it remains to be seen if that’ll actually happen.