GTA 5 player makes discovery in the sea 9 years after launch

Bill Cooney
GTA 5 game play

A GTA Online player has made a huge discovery about the in-game ocean almost a decade after it first released.

GTA 5 is a massive game, and things get even bigger in online mode. With so much space to explore, it’s no surprise some features have been forgotten about since release in 2013.

One of those is the ocean itself, which is far more detailed than most realize. As one player on Reddit discovered, Rockstar put a ton of work into making the sea as realistic as possible.

In a post on August 4 to the GTA Online subreddit, user enderdez posted a video showing that there are even tides at work in San Andreas.

As the clips show, water levels rise and fall depending on the in-game time, just like in real life.

The tides are also referenced during the single-player campaign, during a sequence when Trevor has a person tied to a beam under the pier.

If you wait long enough, the tide will eventually rise and drown this unfortunate NPC, though most players seem to enjoy finishing him off quicker than that.

GTA 5 trevor
Leave it to Trevor to use one of the most random features in the game to kill someone.

Another oceanic feature players might have forgotten about is how to have unlimited breath while underwater.

As another user posted on the subreddit recently, wearing a scuba suit will give you unlimited air, just another example of how many features there really are in GTA 5.