GTA Online player gets compensated by Rockstar after griefing incident

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One GTA Online player shared a message to the player who trolled them online, showing off a massive in-game compensation from Rockstar.

Like any massively popular online game, GTA Online has its fair share of trolls and griefers who enjoy interfering with other players’ games.

Usually, fans just have to grin and bear it while doing their best to avoid the more troublesome and annoying players.

However, one target of a GTA Online griefer got to flaunt a bit of satisfaction after getting griefed after they contacted Rockstar Support and received a hefty sum of in-game cash.

GTA Online trolling victim gets compensated by Rockstar

A post from user __Username_Not_Found on the GTA Online subreddit sent a message out to the person who griefed them and ruined a sell mission they were trying to complete.

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The caption said “To the random troll who blew up my cargo during the sell mission and immediately left the game (he was on my team)” followed by an email from Rockstar Support.

The email said that although “as per game design other players can destroy the crates” they offered a “one time accommodation” for incident and added an astounding GTA$ 1,000,000 to their account.

The post gained over 6,700 upvotes in under 24 hours, as tons of players reacted in surprised that Rockstar Support actually compensated them for the incident.

“You got your cargo destroyed and reached out to Rockstar Support and it actually worked?” asked Reddit user oqni, to which the original poster responded “I did assume they wouldn’t care.”

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While other players were skeptical that the email warranted a response from Rockstar Support, the original poster further fleshed out the situation in the replies.

“I allowed 2 random players to join my SecuroServ and started a cargo sell mission, one of them sticky-bombed the boat until it blew up. Then immediately quit out the game,” they said.

They go on to explain that the incident happened a few nights ago, which explained how Rockstar Support was able to get back to them. “I had spent all night loading up, it was worth a little over $1mil. I understand its part of the game but I’m glad Rockstar boosted my mood about it.”

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While some may dispute the necessity of in-game compensation for a griefing incident like this, it’s always nice to see developers go the extra mile to help out players after bad in-game experiences.