GTA Online players discover new hidden messages in deleted content amid GTA 6 rumors

Michael Gwilliam
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More secret messages have been decoded in GTA Online after Rockstar seemed to jump the gun and release content ahead of schedule.

Speculation has been mounting about GTA 6 for ages now, with fans freaking out about a possible release in 2024 given Rockstar’s anticipated profits.

Amid the rumors and big gameplay leaks, fans have also begun to anticipate a trailer announcement, and believed that something was cooking after a mysterious item appeared in the shop.

Despite being eventually deleted, players decoded a secret message on it – and since then, more have been deciphered, but it may not be related to Grand Theft Auto 6, as some fans believed.

New secret messages in GTA Online mysteriously deleted by Rockstar

Despite a shirt with the hidden message, “One day will reveal all” was pulled by Rockstar, fans were able to uncover some other messages added to the game.

As noted by Gaming Detective on Twitter, these messages read, “We are watching,” and, “Connect the lines.”

However, other references to UFOs and aliens have users thinking this might be related to a Halloween event instead, which makes sense for to Rockstar delete the items if they were released early.

“Rockstar accidentally added it into the game with the DLC launch instead of locking it behind drip-feed. It’s not a GTA 6 tease like we all hoped,” Gaming Detective concluded.

However, it’s still possible that this leads to a big GTA 6 reveal. Remember, the Definitive Edition of GTA Trilogy’s San Andreas featured an image of a UFO that many users believe is the first screenshot of GTA 6.

We’ll have to see how this whole situation unfolds and if there is a GTA VI announcement at the end of this ARG.