GTA Online players convinced they found GTA 6 theme song hiding in plain sight

GTA 5 gameplayRockstar Games

GTA Online players are convinced the official GTA 6 theme song may have been under their noses for years as a subtle teaser might have just been uncovered on an unsuspecting arcade machine.

Outside of the historic GTA 6 leak just last year, official details on the sequel have been kept tightly under wraps. Beyond merely confirming its existence, Rockstar has remained completely silent, leaving millions of fans around the globe anxious for any tiny scrap of information.

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Thus, we’ve seen countless theories over the years pointing to possible easter eggs. From map speculation to various hints in-game, players have been grasping at straws for quite some time. But now, we may have one of the most plausible hints at GTA 6 yet thanks to some clever GTA Online players.

While the Race and Chase arcade games have been present in GTA Online for a number of years, fans have only just noticed a particular detail hidden in plain sight.

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By sifting through the menu of this 80s-inspired arcade racer, players will find a level called ‘LS Nights,’ as Reddit user ‘xDevious_’ first pointed out. Naturally, this level set among Los Santos comes with its own backing music, one that just so happens to be oddly familiar.

GTA 6 teaserRockstar Games
Has the theme song for GTA 6 been hiding in plain sight all these years?

In slowing this music down to 0.75x speed, it aligns with the iconic ‘Welcome to Los Santos’ theme we know all too well from GTA 5. It’s the best-selling game’s main theme and a piece of music that’s become synonymous with the title.

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So in applying the same logic to another song in the Race and Chase arcade game, could we possibly have our first real tease of the GTA 6 theme? It certainly seems possible.

By selecting the ‘Vice Lights’ level, one clearly paying homage to Vice City, a location we’re seemingly set to revisit in the next GTA game, we can hear a new theme. By slowing it down to 0.75x speed once again, many are convinced it’s our first listen of the upcoming GTA 6 theme song.

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“Very good observation,” one player responded. “Holy crap, this is pretty smart thinking,” another chimed in. “Seriously, if that’s the theme, it sounds great. Awesome find.”

Fans appear to be in favor of the new track and backing the investigative work that went into unearthing it. While it’s obviously worth taking things with a grain of salt for now, it could be a proper taste of what’s to come when GTA 6 draws near.

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If the theory holds true and this does end up being the GTA 6 theme, it’ll mean the easter egg has been hiding in GTA Online for a number of years. Who knows what else is just waiting to be found in Los Santos.