GTA 6 Easter Eggs leaked: Bigfoot, Pennywise, UFOs & more secrets

Bigfoot in GTA 5 next to GTA 6 logoRockstar Games

While GTA 6 isn’t even out yet, some fans have already uncovered a handful of Easter Eggs that are set to appear in-game, including the return of Bigfoot, UFOs, and more.

It’s been a few weeks since the GTA 6 leaks hit the internet and confirmed the long-standing rumors that the game – which will take fans back to Vice City – has been in development for a number of years now.

Amongst the 90 leaked videos, it was revealed that the protagonists are a male and female duo, and you have the ability to steal from NPCs just like in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Though, some players are more focused on the Easter Eggs and what secrets GTA 6 may hold. And, a few have already been uncovered by the looks of things.

GTA 6 Easter Eggs apparently uncovered already

Grand Theft Auto YouTuber StrangeMan put together a video of 10 apparent confirmed Easter Eggs that are in GTA 6, including a few familiar ones that have been in GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption.

The most familiar of them are the UFOs, Bigfoot, and a Sphinx carved into the sand. These can all be traced back to GTA 5, where UFOs flew high above Mount Chiliad, Bigfoot could be spotted in the surrounding areas, and a Shark was built on the beach by NPCs.

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As per StrangeMan, Bigfoot though won’t be called Bigfoot. Instead, it’s known as ‘Skunk Ape’ and will appear in the Swamplands of GTA 6’s map. However, we trust GTA fans to just stick with the more familiar name.

In the video, the YouTuber noted that there is also a reference to Pennywise the Clown from the horror movie IT – with a voice set to ring out from drains.

Of course, these are just a selection of the Easter Eggs that are set to have a part in GTA 6, but Rockstar will likely put hundreds, if not more, into the highly-anticipated game. We can’t wait to uncover them.

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