Viral GTA Online TikTok shows how to turn birds into bomb carriers

. 7 months ago
Birds are carrying C4 in a new GTA Online discovery
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There are plenty of crazy weapons in GTA Online, but not many are as effective and discreet as a bird-powered bombing run from 50 feet up in the sky. 

GTA Online’s peyote plants allow players to take all kinds of different shapes in the game, but one TikToker is showing exactly why birds are the most overpowered transformation you could possibly make.

What was intended as a silly mechanic to allow players a chance to experience hallucinogenic trips has turned into the ultimate combat weapon – provided that you know how to set it up in the first place.

Viral GTA Online TikTok shows how to use bombs as a bird

The clip starts with a harmless-looking feathered friend landing on the boardwalk, but the tone instantly switches when it reveals a hidden sticky bomb in its wings.

From there, a montage shows off exactly how to put the newfound power to use.

Fans react

While this method of collecting kills in the game is a bit cheesy, one commenter suggests that dying this way is enough of a laugh that no one should be picking up any hard feelings: “Who could possibly do anything other than laugh at this?”

Another user joked that this might be the future of flight transportation in GTA: “This is what the MK Oppressor 3 should be, if you ask me.”

How to equip bombs as a bird

If you’re looking to recreate this yourself, you’ll have to track down the right plant to become a bird first. You can’t choose which animal the plant will turn you into, but there will be a noise indicating what animal awaits you on approach.

When you’ve done that,  all it takes is a trip to the West Los Santos boardwalk to open the interaction menu to get you on the path to being an aerial menace.

These plants are no longer a full-time part of the game, but there’s no doubt that when they return, every player in the city will be keeping an eye out for the inevitable bird army.

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