GTA Online player finds perfect way to defeat ‘god mode’ Jet griefers

Rockstar Games

A GTA Online player has found a pretty perfect way to deal with the ‘god mode’ jet griefers that you may have run into during a free roam session.

Aside from fan-favorite activities like street racing, heisting, and hitting up the casino, there is plenty of things to do on the virtual streets of Los Santos in GTA Online. Though, not everyone is out to have a good time.

There have been plenty of instances of players hacking with some absurd contraptions, as well as griefing lower-level enemies with some high-powered weapons. Though, sitting in a jet and spraying down other players while in ‘god mode’ might just take the cake as the most infuriating problem about GTA Online right now.

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Reddit: Gogeta1717Reddit: Gogeta1717
GTA Online fans have had to deal with some ridiculous hacks.

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Though, Reddit user BigDaddyPapaw might have found a solution for catching these sorts of players off guard and annoy them enough to leave the session.

The Grand Theft Auto posted their idea to the GTA Online subreddit where, after explaining that they’d tried to take the opposing player down with the Avenger and their own Jet, they had another idea up their sleeve.

They hopped out of an aircraft just above where the hovering jet was sat idle, quickly pulled open a parachute, and grabbed an automatic pistol. From there, BigDaddyPapaw had the ‘god mode’ enemy in their sights, pulled the trigger, and avoided death by finally managing to kill off the griefer.

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The Redditor noted that the player who was causing all the grief quickly sent them a tonne of “hate mail” but in the end, it was worth it to get them out of the session and being able to play GTA Online normally again.

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Rockstar Games have clamped down on hackers and modders in the multiplayer portion of GTA 5 but there is little they can do about griefers unless there is proof of them hacking. So, maybe moving forward, players might start to report others more if they act in a similar fashion.

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