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GTA Online players discover insane MTL Cerberus flying glitch

Published: 13/Apr/2020 4:52

by David Purcell


Grand Theft Auto players have discovered a hilarious trick in Los Santos that allows all sorts of vehicles – even trucks – to take to the sky. 

Previous GTA Online glitches have seen cars spring up into the air like a slingshot, but this one is actually much more controlled, transforming whatever vehicle you would like to use into a controlled flying vehicle. All you need is an MTL Cerberus.

Just like other exploits, this one has been met with some caution and suspicion by members of the community. After all, there are tons of different mods out there that can make it seem like bugs are in the game, and the real ones are often difficult to take advantage of.


Rockstar Games
GTA Online’s Arena War update went live in December 2018, and one of the vehicles it introduced can do quite spectacular things.

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However, one Reddit user has moved to debunk claims that a stunt boost glitch doesn’t exist, by posting a clip showing exactly what happens when it’s done correctly.

As seen in the clip, some of the heaviest rides can be launched into the air and land on the map’s tallest buildings, just by following a few quick steps.

This player decided to use an Apocalypse Cerberus, which was part of the Arena War update. When modifying the vehicle, you can add a “shunt boost” ability to the truck, which was added to allow players to quickly shift left and right, side-swiping other cars on the road.


Incase someone wanted proof. from gtaonline

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However, instead of using it for that function, Blaze_Razgriz1 and others have found that when you make a jump, hitting the shunt boost while turned to the side can actually launch your vehicle into the air like a jet.

If you’re having a hard time finding one of these trucks, they can also be purchased in-game, but it will cost you.

These behemoths sell for a whopping $3,870,300 in-game, added as part of the Arena War update. It’s a custom truck that can be adapted in many ways and is not the only one that can be used to perform this glitch. It also works for the Sasquatch, Imperator, and a handful of others.


This is a trick that members of the community might have heard about for some time, with YouTuber Evolve Stunting posting about it back in November 2019. However, not all users have perfected it just yet.

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“I can’t even do it with the Issi, meanwhile this dude is effortlessly levitating 40 tons” one said, while another added: “I tried this with the Sasquatch, but I couldn’t get it to even remotely work.” Clearly, it’s easier said than done to make the magic happen.

Twitch Prime members who have linked their account to their Rockstar Social Club profile can also enjoy a 75% discount on the MTL Cerberus, for a limited time.


With patience, and a lot of time on your hands, we’re confident you can perfect it. Just follow the instructions and see where the wind takes you – quite literally. Your next GTA Online session might be very different to many you have had in the past.