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GTA Online log-in bonus glitch is giving players free money

Published: 13/Apr/2020 12:35 Updated: 15/Apr/2020 15:22

by Connor Bennett


A new GTA Online glitch is letting players rack up insane sums of money as a log-in bonus gift is paying players out over and over again.

Every now and again, Rockstar Games will give something back to players that are sticking with the virtual streets of Los Santos and continuing to play GTA Online. Sometimes it is something as little as a hat, a t-shirt, or even a special weapon.

Though, more often than not, it’s a wad of cash that will be paid into players Maze Bank accounts – allowing them to spend it on whatever they want. As a part of a new celebration, the developers gave every who logged in at any time during April a free bonus of $500,000, but it seems as if some have gotten more than they bargained for.


GTA Online
GTA Online
GTA Online players can spend the bonus cash on whatever they want.

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A number of GTA Online players have received the bonus a few different times – with some reporting that they’ve been able to rack up at least $1,500,000 in bonus cash. 

“I had posted yesterday that I had gotten the double 500k login bonus 2 days in a row. Today, I logged on and received it once again. Thank you Rockstar,” Reddit user ArktikRecon posted on the GrandTheftAutoV subreddit – with many others posting similar messages on r/GTAOnline, celebrating their additional bonuses.

I’ve received the $500000 3 times now. from GrandTheftAutoV

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Though, it hasn’t been plain sailing and racking up cash for every GTA Online player. Many have reported that they haven’t even received the bonus once – even though the game gives a ‘bonus money has been deposited’ in-game message.


“I only got the message 3 times and not the money,” noted Redditor Sandals-Lord, with others saying they’ve received more messages than payouts. 

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As of writing, Rockstar hasn’t yet addressed the issue but players who haven’t received the bonus will no doubt be hoping that they are compensated before the bonus period ends.

Though, the only thing we can do is just wait and see what the developers do – be it another log-in bonus or if they decide to give everyone free cash to make up for the error.