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GTA Online player finds hilarious way to speed up heists

Published: 9/Dec/2020 16:55

by James Busby


GTA Online players are always finding new ways to both beat missions and break the game in absurd ways, but this Casino Heist trick is pretty comical. 

From advanced techniques that enable cars to fly to racing glitches that give free wins, there’s always something new being found in GTA Online. heists are arguably one of the most exciting parts of GTA Online. Not only do these high stakes missions allow you to team up with your friends, they also offer some pretty lucrative ways to earn money. 

Whether you’re saving up for that next supercar or that shiny new weapon, heists are always a great way to increase your in-game profits. Certain heists can take a while to complete and this can be off-putting for those that want to earn a quick buck. 


Fortunately, one GTA Online player has found a unique way to shave off a few precious seconds in the game’s Diamond Casino heist. This time-saving technique might look a little painful, but the heist money will easily cover the hospital bill. 

GTA Diamond Heist
Rockstar Games
Well, it’s certainly one way of using the stairs…

Instead of going through the staff entrance to the casino, Reddit user 03canadian_f5 has found a rather comedic way to speed the robbery up. Upon landing on the Casino’s roof, the player makes their way over to the stairwell. 

However, instead of simply running down the stairs, the player decides to simply jump through the gap. This sends their character hurtling down into the basement. It’s often hard to feel sorry for these player-made criminals, but the way 03canadian_f5’s character smashes his head, elbow, and legs as he falls is hilarious. 


After watching this bone-crunching ordeal, the master bank thief simply walks it off as if nothing had happened. It seems that the initial knock to the head and subsequent hits slowed his descent just enough to avoid a fatal death. 

It’s certainly an interesting way to speed up a heist, so next time you’re raiding GTA Online’s Casino, be sure to try this technique out for yourself.