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Simple GTA Online glitch is giving away free race wins

Published: 8/Dec/2020 13:19

by Connor Bennett


Grand Theft Auto Online players are picking up free wins in races thanks to a classic glitch that puts them in their own lobbies. 

For the most part, players drop into GTA Online and Los Santos with one thing in mind – make as much money as possible. After all, cash is king and you’ll end plenty of it to do pretty much anything in Los Santos. 

Getting your hands on cash is easy, as there are plenty of activities, jobs, major heists, and even convenience stores to stick up. Races are a pretty lucrative method to earn cash, provided you don’t mind being run off the road a few times by an overly aggressive opponent.


However, some players are managing to pick up race wins with ease, eliminating the opposition before they have got a chance to claim victory themselves. 

GTA online open wheel race
Rockstar Games
GTA Online races, like the F1 chases, are majorly lucrative.

The pretty simple concept was pointed out by members of the GTAGlitches subreddit, who use the classic disconnect glitch to get the game to put them in a solo lobby.

This usually revolves around disconnecting yourself from the internet, very briefly, then reconnecting before the game realizes what has happened. In terms of the race, it should kick opponents out – no matter if they’re winning.

Of course, this is no doubt annoying for someone who thinks they’re about to win a race – or finish in one of the lucrative podium positions. However, for the person who is using the glitch, they can breeze home without any issue. 


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Again, it’s obviously annoying if you’re on the wrong side of it, and it could be an issue for Rockstar to look into moving forward – especially if it’s become a widespread problem.

Though, really, it has been in the game for a while and they haven’t got shut of it, so it will really depend on how the community utilizes it. As we seen with the Diamond Casino chips to cash exploit, players can get banned or have their progress completely reset for abusing loopholes.