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GTA Online player discovers how truly broken stealth is

Published: 4/Aug/2021 23:43

by Nick Farrell


Sometimes going the silent route during missions involves using suppressed weapons, but one GTA Online player has run into a glitch that contradicts this theory with their take on stealth. 

While fans wait for any news surrounding GTA 6, there’s been an ample amount of fun to be had within GTA Online. The recently released, Los Santos Tuners DLC has been another great addition to the wide array of DLC the game has to offer.

But, one aspect of GTA that fans often forget about is the stealth component. Sneaking around enemies in order to get to the objective, or silently taking them out with silenced weapons sounds like a great concept at first glance.


One GTA Online player, however, has discovered how broken the stealth is during one of the many heists within the game.

Rockstar Games
New cars have recently been added into the game during the Los Santos Tuners update.

Player discovers how broken GTA Online stealth truly is

While completing heists within GTA Online can be some of the best fun in gaming, sometimes they come with complications and funny glitches like the one below.

During the clip, the player was tasked with completing an objective silently, and one would think they’d have to use silenced weapons during this mission to eliminate enemies. But, they quickly discovered that GTA apparently doesn’t recognize the difference between a silenced weapon and an MK2 Pump Shotgun with Explosive rounds.


Putting this all together, it makes for a pretty hilarious clip!

While this isn’t how the mission is supposed to play out, some people even found that an RPG in the right place won’t break stealth either. Nevertheless, it still makes for a pretty funny clip, given the circumstances.

Clips like this surface all the time within GTA Online, and they do sure make for some great entertainment that we’re never going to get tired of.