GTA 6 fans so desperate for news they’re claiming 10th anniversary post is a new teaser

GTA 5 landscapeRockstar Games

The agonizing wait for any scrap of GTA 6 intel is forcing some avid fans to argue just about anything is teasing Rockstar’s next release, including this subtle detail from a GTA 5 10th anniversary post.

It’s now officially been over a decade since GTA 5 hit store shelves. The 2013 smash hit has gone on to captivate multiple generations of players, becoming the second-best-selling game of all time in the process.

Naturally, millions of fans have been looking to the future, pondering what’s coming next as GTA 6 looms on the horizon. Outside of the historic 2022 gameplay leak and mere confirmation of its active development, things have been relatively quiet.

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As a result of Rockstar’s near-silence, players are grasping at straws, holding out hope that just about any subtle detail is actually a teaser for GTA 6. That’s exactly what happened this past week as GTA 5 celebrated its 10th anniversary.

As GTA 5 turned 10 on September 17, Rockstar commemorated the day with a few simple posts across social media. However, one particular post, an Instagram story, to be specific, has caught on for a different reason.

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Shared on the same day, the official Rockstar Games Instagram account shared a GTA Online picture replicating GTA 5’s iconic splash art with Trevor, Franklin, and Michael. In the background of the original post, a plane could be seen flying overhead away from the protagonists. In the new recreation, the plane has changed direction.

This plane in question is now heading East from our front-on POV, toward a telephone pole that has seemingly changed its appearance. This minute combo of ever-so-subtle adjustments is enough to have some GTA players convinced it’s yet another small teaser for the impending GTA 6 reveal.

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By flipping the telephone pole on its side, it appears to resemble a six in Roman Numerals, at least, that’s what some members of the community wish to believe.

GTA 5 splash artRockstar
The original GTA 5 splash art in all its glory.

“I think it’s completely fair to make a ‘VI’ out of that pole,” one fan replied. “It looks almost perfectly like a VI. There’s no way Rockstar overlooked that and didn’t notice.”

Though not everyone is quite as convinced. For many others, they claimed it’s a “stretch” at best, with some players arguing the post gives off “conspiracy theorist” energy.

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“I don’t think Rockstar Games remembers the original picture and just threw this together last minute,” one fan fired back.

Regardless of its intention, this seemingly innocuous 10th-anniversary post has once again got the community talking. Hype for GTA 6 is reaching a fever pitch as 2023 winds down, with many hoping the last quarter will bring an official reveal. We’ll just have to wait and see if that’s the case.

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