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GTA Online: How to remove wanted level in Casino heist setup missions

Published: 23/Jun/2020 14:23

by David Purcell


There’s actually a way to completely remove your wanted level from Grand Theft Auto V’s Diamond Casino heist setup missions, and we’re going to show you exactly how to do it. 

GTA Online still sees millions of players pour into the game each month and that doesn’t look likely to change any time soon, with the current title being remastered for next-gen consoles in the near future.

So, getting to know how to complete the current heists isn’t going to be just handy knowledge to have now, but also in the future as well.

GTA Diamond Casino heist
Rockstar Games
Doing the setup missions for heists can be annoying, although this trick can make things a little easier. 

As regular players will know by know, these heist setup tasks can be quite gruelling, especially if you’re matched up with strangers who tend to go rogue from time to time.

They often take up the most time to complete in the grand scheme of things, although there is a way to get the cops out of the picture, and potentially speed up your process. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do it – using information from Reddit user TheRevengance.

How to lose the cops in GTA Casino heist setups

Police in GTA Online
Rockstar Games
Looking to lose the cops in GTA Online? Here’s how to do it.
  1. Load up GTA Online.
  2. Start up the Diamond Casino heist in-game.
  3. Head into one of the setup missions, with friends or matched players.
  4. Call Simeon, Ron, or Gerald using your iFruit phone – and request a job.
  5. Once the job is confirmed, join it and leave.
  6. This should erase your wanted level quickly, leading to a quick escape from the police.

Remove wanted level for diamond casino prep glitch from gtaglitches

The police play a role in many of these setups, as many will know, and losing them are a key part of advancing to the next stage, once you have cleared certain objectives.

It’s unclear as to whether or not this handy trick will actually survive for a long time in GTA Online, or be patched out at some point. However, while it lasts, there’s no doubt that players will be using it once, twice, and many more times while it’s live.

This isn’t the only thing members of the community can do to gain an advantage in the Casino heist, either, as you can also cheaply change your rewards if you know. Full guide on that here.

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Terrible GTA Online bug makes it impossible to use bunkers

Published: 24/Nov/2020 15:52

by Connor Bennett


GTA Online players are still having their bunker business missions ruined thanks to a bug that won’t let them enter their not-so-secret base. 

For the longest time, the best way to make money in Grand Theft Auto Online came through jobs and heists. Players would have to grind them out, over and over again, to be able to stack up cash.

Eventually, Rockstar Games brought businesses into the fold – allowing players to make money passively, before having to complete one delivery job at the end for an absolutely huge sum of money. 

The most lucrative of these jobs center around bunkers and the Gunrunning business, where, as the name suggests, you become an arms dealer. However, some players are struggling to run their businesses properly. 

A car driving into a bunker in GTA Online
Rockstar Games
Owning a bunker will unlock GTA Online’s Gunrunning business options.

The problem isn’t an overly complicated one, instead, it’s just simple. Players can’t access the bunkers. No matter if they’re on foot or in a car, the yellow circle that you usually use to enter just won’t do anything. 

What that means is, players like Reddit user TheAlphamale82, are left to drive around in circles hoping that something might change. But, sadly, it doesn’t and you end up locked outside the bunker unless you want to restart the game.

However, not even a restart is a magic cure, as the problem can still persist in other lobbies. It really is a peculiar problem – and it is one that is affecting different players. 

[Bug/glitch] R* please fix this, this is getting really annoying. I am unable to resupply my bunker by stealing supplies and before this was recorded someone was having the same problem from GTAV

Others like Aberfergie and r3d-v3n0m noted that they have run into the issue as well, and that they’ve flagged a ticket with Rockstar Support. However, while the devs have supposedly said they’ll work on it, they haven’t found a fix. 

The winter update, which will bring the Cayo Perico heist to GTA Online is right around the corner, and that update should address some issues. Hopefully, the bunker problem is one of them.