Ex-Rockstar dev explains why they made GTA V remaster instead of GTA 6

Los Santos with GTA V logoRockstar

Darion Lowenstein, ex-Rockstar San Diego employee, has explained why a GTA V Remaster is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X, rather than the hugely anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6. 

Few games have ever been as anticipated as Grand Theft Auto 6. Despite not even being confirmed yet, the sixth installment in Rockstar’s acclaimed series is rumored to be in development.

Many fans were left scratching their heads following the PS5 reveal, in which, for a split second, some fans thought they were being shown a GTA 6 trailer. What actually transpired was a trailer for GTA V, remastered once again for next-gen consoles.

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Grand Theft Auto V Characters: Michael, Franklin & TrevorRockstar Games
GTA V is nearly 7 years old.

Originally released for PS3 and Xbox 360, the game was quickly remastered for the PS4 and Xbox One. A similar remaster is on its way for next-gen, featuring improved graphics and world design.

Now, though, in amongst disappointment from fans expecting a GTA 6 announcement, ex-Rockstar employee Darion Lowenstein has explained why the company have chosen to remaster the 2013 title for next-gen.

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“Because I used to produce games for Rockstar,” he started. “Tonnes of people are asking me why, at the Playstation 5 event, did we get an announcement of an updated GTA V, and not GTA 6?”

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Lowenstein explained that developers are often not given enough time to develop a game for an entirely new console, stating that they may only hear about its tech specifications a year prior to its release.

“You just need more time,” he continued. “The cost of updating an existing game – making it prettier – is way cheaper, way easier than an all-new one. So, if I had to guess, GTA 6 just isn’t ready, and GTA V will provide a nice stream of income and a fun Grand Theft Auto experience that everybody knows and loves.”

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While Lowenstein does not work at Rockstar, he is uniquely qualified to comment on video game development. Time at Rockstar was followed by time at Activision Blizzard and EA.

As for GTA 6, it seems that fans will have to wait for a reveal and official confirmation. Rumors thus far have stated that the game could be up to 70% complete but, with an experience as immersive as Grand Theft Auto, it could still be a while yet.

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