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Clever GTA Online trick changes Casino Heist rewards cheaply

Published: 19/Jun/2020 11:17

by Connor Bennett


The Diamond Casino Heist is the biggest money-spinner in all of Grand Theft Auto Online, but if you don’t like the vault contents that you’re given, there’s a pretty easy way to reset things. 

Since December 2019, GTA Online players have been able to break into the Diamond Casino’s vault and come away with big scores – be it straight cash, artwork, gold, or the rarest of the whole lot, Diamonds. 

Obviously, you need to invest a little bit in order to get the robbery underway, and if the vault’s contents aren’t up to your liking, it can get a little expensive to keep canceling in order to get what you want. However, some players have got an easier, and cheaper, way to easily change the vault’s contents.


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Rockstar Games
There can be a tonne of different things inside the vault.

How to change GTA Online’s casino vaults contents for cheap

The tip was posted by Reddit user whomadethisanyway, who noted that by following their method, players would only spend around $50,000 instead of the $300,000 or 400,000 they’d previously wasted in change costs. 

Like many GTA Online glitches, alls it really takes is to simply disconnect a PC from its internet connection or to close the application on a console when the time is right. 

  1. Set spawn location to your arcade or last location
  2. Start casino heist and complete the vault content scouting missions
  3. If the target is not to your liking, call Lester inside of the casino and cancel the heist 
  4. Return to your Arcade, approach the heist board and get ready to restart the heist
  5. When the game asks you to restart for $25,000, disconnect from the internet/close application while quickly pressing enter/A or X on console

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By following these steps, the vault’s contents scouting mission should automatically complete and reveal what you’re going after. It will also remove the payment to restart the heist a second time.


Obviously, if the game doesn’t give you what you want, you can retry it a few times, but more often than not, the contents will end up being worth your time to steal.

GTA Diamond Casino heist
Rockstar Games
Stealing from the GTA Diamond Casino vault can be much more lucrative if diamonds are inside.

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Rockstar Games have been cracking down on glitches and exploits in recent weeks, with the most notable being the casino chip glitch that allowed players to rack up billions.

It’s unknown as to whether or not this glitch will land players in hot water, but Rockstar hasn’t clamped down on the disconnect glitches in the past.