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GTA Online: How to avoid guards not moving in Casino Heist glitch

Published: 29/Jun/2020 11:27

by Connor Bennett


Grand Theft Auto Online players have been left frustrated by a glitch in the Diamond Casino heist where guards before frozen and it becomes pretty difficult to sneak by them. Here’s how you can solve that.

The Diamond Casino heist was added to GTA Online back in December of 2019, as fans finally got their long sought after wish. Since then, players have been busting into the vault in a number of different ways and taking home a huge score.

One of the best ways to get things done is by going silent and sneaky. After all, you can avoid fighting the hordes of security guards by taking this heist approach.


However, players have been running into an issue where, in certain situations, these guards will become frozen. This means you can’t sneak by them as normal, and it pretty much ruins the sneaky aspect of the Heist.

Rockstar Games
There can be a tonne of different things inside the vault.

Yet, one player – Reddit user YTFatGuyGaming – has found a way to get around the frozen guards that have decided to abandon their patrols. 

According to the Redditor, your best bet is to quickly take down some of them, but not all of them. The ones that you don’t fight can trigger a bigger problem like the game saying that a body is found and more guards come your way.


If you follow the steps given by YTFatGuyGaming below, you should be able to get around the annoying frozen guard glitch without a hitch. 

  • First guard: Don’t do anything. If you shoot him through the double doors, the game will glitch.
  • Stairs Guard: Pop around the corner and quickly shoot him down. 
  • Guard in the security checkpoint: Go through the set of double doors to the right, shoot the two guards behind the desk, then turn left and shoot the guard.
  • Two Guards in the security checkpoint coming out of mantrap: Leave them alone.
  • Staff Lobby Guard: he will be glitched to the right of the security office, so exit the office on the left and make your way to the staff lobby door.

Of course, these tips only work if your silent and sneaky heist falls to the frozen guard glitch. Though, players have also noted that it is a problem with the Big Con heist approach too. 

Rockstar have recently rolled out patches fixing glitches and other bugs – with the most notable being the God Mode and money exploit. So, we’ll just have to wait and see as to whether or not they’ve got a more permanent solution for this issue.