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Rockstar finally punish GTA Online’s God Mode and money hackers

Published: 27/Jun/2020 17:11

by Connor Bennett


Rockstar Games have rolled out a background patch in Grand Theft Auto Online, getting rid of the God Mode hacks and money exploits that had been plaguing the game. 

While there are plenty of ways to earn money in GTA Online, some players have resorted to underhanded tactics in the past. These usually come in the form of glitches and exploits that are built into the game or through using outside hacks.

In the past, Rockstar has clamped down on these. The most notable was the Diamond Casino chip duplication glitch that allowed players to rack up billions in GTA Online Cash.


Now though, the famed developers have taken down another set of hacks and exploits that had been running rampant.

Rockstar Games
God Mode hackers have been running rampant in GTA Online.

Rockstar insider TezFun tweeted that the Grand Theft Auto developers had rolled out a background patch for GTA Online on June 26.

“Background update: Patched a god mode glitch. Patched money glitches that utilize switching characters. 2 vehicles added to the casino podium list, adding up to a total of 6 vehicles,” the reliable insider posted.

Similar to the weekly updates that come out each Thursday, players didn’t have to download anything – it just happened by the time they logged in. 

Plenty of players reported that as soon as they logged in, they were thrust onto their main character as their second character was given with an error. Switching between the two had been the source of the money glitch. 


As for God Mode, well, hackers are now actually able to die regardless of whether they’re flying around on an MKII Oppressor, in a military jet, or just a normal motorbike. 

However, unlike previous glitches and exploits, it is not known if anyone has been banned because of this recent update.

With the Casino chip duplication glitch, Rockstar made it clear that they were sending out a ban wave and punishing players. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.