“It’s a Nokia”: Insane GTA Online clip how phones can block bullets

Nokia phone blocks bullets in gta onlineRockstar Games

A GTA Online player found out that the best defense against a bullet to the head is to talk on your cellphone.

GTA V, and subsequently, GTA Online, are both quite old by this point, but that isn’t stopping players from finding all sorts of new tricks that are both bizarre, amusing, and actually quite useful.

In a clip posted to Reddit, user ‘Braggestshelf72’ zoomed right in on a man’s head with a sniper rifle as the NPC chatted away on his phone, completely unaware that a potentially lethal shot was coming his way.

After firing, a small burst of blood appeared, but the man seemed to be completely fine and left without a scratch.

Normally, such a shot would be an instant kill, but not here. Instead, he was able to run off screaming, all because the phone blocked the bullet.

“It’s a Nokia,” a user joked in the comments, referencing the meme-worthy indestructible phone of ages past.

“Blue collar working man like him, you know he’s got one of them ruggedized cell phones. Darn things are indestructible!” another remarked.

GTA phoneRockstar Games
A phone can save your life in GTA Online.

Apparently, phones aren’t the only objects that can save players’ lives. “I remember seeing a great clip ages ago where the ejected magazine of a player’s pistol blocked a shot that was going to hit them,” a Redditor recalled.

Other players were just amazed that Rockstar actually made the phones act like a physical object, despite never leaving a character’s hand.

Considering how the phones in GTA V behave, it will be crazy to see what kind of physics Rockstar is cooking up for GTA 6, whenever it finally ends up actually being announced.