Best horror films on Hulu to watch this Halloween


Hulu is one of the world’s biggest streaming services and is full of spooky horror films to watch in the run-up to Halloween. Here are our recommendations.  

As Halloween draws near, scary movies surge in popularity. Streaming services like Hulu make it so much easier to binge our favorites or discover new ones. Like Netflix and Amazon Prime,

Hulu is also owned by Disney so exists alongside Disney+ as a sister streaming service. It’s much older than Disney’s shiny new service, and therefore is an established brand with subscribers who love it.

Hulu has a selection of horror films that are exclusive to them. Let’s examine some we feel are perfect for a dark Autumn night.

Invisible-Man-horror-huluHulu is home to some very recent horror films


The Ring

While not as critically acclaimed as the Japanese original Ringu, the Hollywood remake of The Ring is often under-appreciated. It manages to update and translate the story of the vengeful ghost of a little girl for a new audience. It’s infamous for one particular scene that changed the rules of modern horror overnight. It can be a depressing tale at times, but it’s also a damn scary one.

Horror-Hulu-Halloween-The-RingIf your TV displays this image on its own, it’s time to run!

What Lies Beneath

Looking for a classic ghost story? What Lies Beneath is all about a woman in a failing marriage who starts to suspect something is wrong with her neighbors after the wife disappears. Soon after she starts to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman that looks like her neighbor. Naturally, there’s much more to the tale, but What Lies Beneath is a masterful story with some genuinely chilling moments.

Train to Busan

Train to Busan was critically acclaimed when it arrived in 2016. This Korean zombie flick needs to be seen by anyone who enjoys the genre. As the title implies, the movie is set on a moving bullet train that sees a viral outbreak turn its passengers into the undead.

Gore and high-octane action ensue, yet the film still manages to feel grounded and gritty. Those who still need to see this can do so on Hulu.

Horror-Hulu-Halloween-TtBTrapped on a train with flesh-eating zombies isn’t an ideal commute


Whether it’s It Part 1 or Part 2, the story of a murderous clown hiding in the sewers and targeting a gang of children is still one of the scariest stories ever told. Stephen King’s novel is a masterpiece, but the most recent two-part film adaptation absolutely nails the book’s vibe. Director Andy Muschietti just gets it. His interpretation of Pennywise is utterly horrific but superb. Actor Bill Skarsgård captures all of this in his portrayal, but still creates a spectacle the audience cannot look away from.

Thirty Days of Night

Everyone is afraid of the dark in the right circumstances, and what’s scarier than an entire month of darkness with no sunlight? That’s exactly what happens in the arctic circle at certain times of year.

In this film, vampires learn about this and travel there for an all-you-can-eat buffet. They can freely travel without risk of sunlight and start feasting on a town’s population. It’s a superb idea and combines all the best tropes from survival and vampire movies into one place.

Horror-Hulu-Halloween-TDoNVampires attack a small arctic town

The Invisible Man

2020’s reimagining of this Hammer Horror classic sees Elisabeth Moss on the run from the titular monster. The story features a woman finally escape her controlling husband with him seemingly committing suicide as a result. But we’ve all read the movie’s title by this point, and of course, she soon starts to be stalked by something – or someone – unseen. Is it her evil hubby back from the dead? Or something else entirely?