Clever GTA Online trick removes enemies from Import/Export delivery jobs

Connor Bennett
GTA Online character with the blue Sultan RS

[jwplayer I6dekNS8]Grand Theft Auto Online players have uncovered a neat trick that allows them to complete import/export delivery missions without having to deal with waves upon waves of annoying enemies or griefers. 

Cash is easy to come by in GTA Online as Rockstar have given players plenty of missions and activities to grind out. Some of the most popular come in the form of import/export missions where, as the name might suggest, you deal with cars and deliveries. 

Typically, these missions require you to steal a car and then drop it off at a set location. As this is GTA Online, you can always expect a twist. 

Waves of enemies will chase you down and while some players have got a way to stop these enemies spawning, some have gone above and beyond – even eliminating potential griefers from the situation. 

Import and Export missions require you to steal a number of different cars.

How to remove enemies from GTA Online import/export jobs

The clever tip comes from Reddit user Ryguy24452, who noted that if you complete one mission and then work your way into a solo public lobby before starting another, the game will help you out.

By doing so, enemies won’t spawn and given that you’re in a public lobby all by yourself, you won’t have to deal with any other players looking to take you down.

  1. Deliver the car to your vehicle warehouse while in a solo public lobby
  2. Find a new, populated public session and set your spawn location as your vehicle warehouse
  3. Start the import/export delivery and then throw yourself into another
  4. Complete the mission and deliver the cars in peace with no enemies spawning

Though, a word of warning for anyone who tries to use Ryguy24452’s method. Some players have reported, that, if you don’t get a move on and complete the mission quickly, your cars might start blowing up.

The reason for this? Well, nobody knows and while the exploding car is a rare consequence, it has shown itself in GTA Online a few times before. 

Obviously, it might take a few attempts for you to get everything to work as intended, but, it seems as if it’d be worth the effort.

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