How to fix GTA Online’s ‘black screen’ Casino Heist glitch

Daniel Cleary
Diamond casino in GTA

Grand Theft Auto Online players have found a simple trick to bypass the frustrating ‘black screen’ glitch which can occur during the Diamond Casino Heist prep missions.

The Diamond Casino Heist was introduced to GTA Online in December 2019 and has become one of the most popular missions on the game for the massive rewards that it offers.

However, some players have encountered glitches while setting up to loot the Casino, which can slow their playthrough or even prevent them from finishing this popular heist.

Diamond Casino in GTA Online
The Diamond Casino has become quite popular since it was added in 2019.

How to fix the Casino Heist black screen glitch in GTA Online

As with other heists in GTA Online, the Casino Heist requires you to complete a certain set of prep missions before you can raid the Diamond Casino, and while these are fairly straightforward, they have been causing players some issues.

Players have noticed a strange bug where it can take them a bit too long to load into a prep mission, leaving them with a black screen glitch in missions such as ‘Vault Explosives’.

One GTA player u/yourhighuncle revealed a simple trick to fix the black screen glitch and get straight into the action. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

  1. If you’re on console, you will need to disconnect your Xbox or Ps4 controller. If you’re playing on PC, you will have to simply disconnect your keyboard.
  2. You will then need to simply reconnect your keyboard or controller after a few seconds.
  3. After waiting for a few more seconds, you should spawn into the Diamond Casino Heist mission, completely bypassing this unusual bug.
Gta characters in casino
A GTA Online trick lets players skip the frustrating black screen glitch.

Once you follow these steps you should be able to continue your progress through the prep missions without too much trouble.

A similar trick has also been found which can skip GTA Online’s notoriously long loading times after starting the game, an issue that has left many players frustrated.

The Diamond Casino has already seen some strange glitches, since it was introduced, with one exploit even allowing players to choose the rewards they want from the Heist.