GTA 6 could reportedly be delayed to 2026 as development “falls behind”

Brianna Reeves
gta 6 delay

New reports claim that Rockstar still targets a 2025 launch for GTA 6, but a delay is on the table with development “falling behind.”

GTA 6 currently boasts a nebulous 2025 release, as confirmed at the end of its first trailer. Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have yet to narrow down the launch window, though.

Still, recent reports lifted the veil on the project’s final stretch, with Bloomberg reporting in February that Rockstar was mandating developers return to office in April. Now another report sheds light on why the studio may be adamant about employees working on-site.

Rockstar staffers speaking under the condition of anonymity to Aftermath recently said many developers feel blindsided by the return-to-office mandate. Meanwhile, others worry Rockstar will fall back into unhealthy crunch practices.

gta 6 delay

Kotaku spoke to sources who divulged that quality and security concerns are driving the decision. The sources further claimed development on GTA 6 is “falling behind,” leaving Rockstar leads to worry that they’ll have no choice but to delay the eagerly-anticipated game.

For now, the next GTA entry still targets a 2025 launch window, with leadership aiming to release it early in the year. But, apparently, Kotaku’s sources believe a fall 2025 rollout is much more feasible.

A delay to 2026 isn’t out of the question, however; such a possibility currently constitutes a “fallback plan” or an “emergency” course of action if absolutely necessary.

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