GTA 6 photos “leaked” in Grand Theft Auto 5 debunked

Michael Gwilliam

Grand Theft Auto fans eager for some news about GTA 6, should be aware that photos found in the back of a strip club in GTA V aren’t in fact connected to “leaked” Vice City maps for the next game.

As Dexerto previously reported, a map leak from 2018 supposedly showing off Vice City as the GTA 6 location spread like wildfire after a very similar version of the map surfaced giving new life to the older photos.

In an attempt to make sense of the leaks, which became more legitimate retroactively with some suggesting the original leaker worked for Take-Two Interactive, fans began to comb through GTA V for hints.

In their search, they stumbled across some tropical beach photos in the back of a strip club. Judging by the photos, some believed that they could be connected to some of the islands on the leaked maps.

Rockstar has been known to tease its upcoming games within existing projects, so some truly believed that the strip club’s postcards could be connected to the next Grand Theft Auto entry, however, new information has come to light debunking that theory.

As Redditor henriquedematos explained, the picture of a cliff near the ocean with a boat in the distance is a stock photograph and not built specifically for GTA.

Meanwhile, the second photo of a beach seems to be a 3D Studio Max render, completely ending any debate on whether or not the images are from GTA 6.

GTA 6 map leak
Could this leak be related to GTA 6?

That said, it is still possible that these photos were chosen because they would fit well as a tease for GTA 6 – assuming the prior map leaks are in fact accurate.

So far, those map leaks have not been officially deconfirmed, so at least fans of GTA can still hold onto those as some evidence. However, it’s safe to say the strip club postcards have been ruled out.

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