GTA 6 fans worried leaked Vice City map will be ‘too big’ after GTA 5 comparison

Michael Gwilliam
gta 6 map leak players concerned

Fans waiting for the release of GTA 6 were blown away by how large Vice City will be compared to Los Santos in GTA 5, but some are concerned the leaked map might be too big.

Players finally got their first glimpse of GTA 6 after leaked gameplay made its way online following a major Rockstar Games hack.

The leaks confirmed multiple rumors, including a return to Vice City, male and female protagonists, and more, but the footage also indicated the size of the new map.

Using coordinates, players were able to get a rough idea about where certain areas in the leaked footage were located and the scale of Vice City itself. Needless to say, it’s very impressive – and potentially too daunting for some.

GTA 5 female character looking into the distance
Fans have been on the lookout for more GTA 6 leaks.

GTA players concerned about GTA 6’s map after leak

In a couple of posts on Twitter and Reddit, user ‘ChurchOfGTA’ lined up the coordinates of GTA 5 with the ones found in the leak to show the true size of Vice City.

As you can see by the map, the actual city portion is absolutely massive and much larger than Los Santos.

While some were thrilled at its size, others voiced concerns and are worried there will be too much empty space like much of GTA 5’s map.

“Bigger isn’t always better, we’ve seen that plenty,” one commented.

“Please have a good balance of countryside and city like in San Andreas. GTA 5 has way too many mountains with nothing, but empty space,” another said.

“I like the same scale. Although I wish it was a little smaller,” another proclaimed.

It should be noted that Rockstar has yet to unveil GTA 6 officially, so it’s possible that the size of the map could change significantly from what we know so far.

In any case, we’ll have to wait and see if Vice City can balance out its size with activities to keep players entertained for years to come, because for many, size doesn’t matter.

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