GTA 6 fans demand return of single-player DLC like GTA 4

Michael Gwilliam
GTA 6 lost and damned DLC

Players anxiously awaiting the reveal and release of GTA 6 are asking Rockstar return to releasing single-player DLC like they did for GTA 4.

GTA 6 is one of the most most-anticipated games of all time and although Rockstar has remained mum on details surrounding the game, fans have gotten a slew of info through leaks.

In addition to the franchise returning to Vice City, players also learned that the game will feature a duo of protagonists by the names of Lucia and Jason as well as countless other gameplay tidbits.

Although the hype for the game is off the charts, players are hoping that Grand Theft Auto 6 doesn’t go a similar route as GTA 5 by scrapping single-player DLC – something fondly remembered about GTA 4.

GTA fans want return of single-player DLC in GTA 6

Across Reddit and social media, players looked back at GTA 4 to celebrate its 15th Anniversary, and one component they praised was its single-player DLC.

GTA 4 had two DLC packs released in the form of The Lost & Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, both of which had nice-sized stories that connected with the base game.

GTA 6 leaked content in GTA online
Fans want GTA 6 to have DLC like GTA IV.

Although GTA 5 had DLC planned, those ideas were scrapped and instead repackaged as GTA Online content and fans don’t want the same thing to happen with GTA 6.

“I feel like it would also be dope if Jason and Lucia also had their own story without each other as an expansion or maybe someone else that’s also included in their story together should have their own story,” one player wrote on Reddit.

“I hope they add a DLC to story mode because I never have interest in anything online,” another commented.

“If we are to get DLCs, I’d like one with the continuation of Tommy Vercetti. What happens to him and his empire after the events of Vice City,” suggested a fan of the original Vice City game on PS2.

So far, Rockstar hasn’t confirmed any plans for DLC, but we’ll surely learn more once GTA VI is finally officially revealed, but reports have suggested that fans might be getting their wish in the form of cut content.

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