Genius GTA Online trick makes Stab City survival mission much easier

Connor Bennett
GTA Character with a PDW

[jwplayer wZHxbKhS]Grand Theft Auto Online players have found a spot that allows them to easily grind and rack up the double rewards from the Stab City survival mission. 

Every Thursday, Rockstar Games rolls out an update for GTA Online, giving fans new content to liven up the streets of Los Santos. These updates can bring anything from new vehicles to free money, new jobs, and, on the rare occasion, new buildings to explore.

One staple of the weekly updates, however, are the bonuses. These bonuses, which are usually double rewards and sometimes extend to triple, are given to a category of jobs or races each week. With the July 30 patch, survival missions are worth double.

Obviously, players are quick to hop on these bonuses and start grinding out missions to get cash. Though, for survival, you might want to check out the Stab City survival mission. 

GTA characters during a bank heist
Survival missions are all about fending off waves of enemies.

The tip, which has been around for a little while in GTA Online and is well-known to dedicated survival players, was pointed out again by Reddit user UnsettledParadox

It centers around the Stab City mission, where, if you head to the small trailer park of Stab City in the northern part of the map, you can use a dumpster as a piece of cover to easily fend off the waves. 

By jumping inside the particular dumpster, which sits more or less in the middle of Stab City, you can become almost invulnerable to the attacks. Why? Well, if you use the first-person mode, enemies will regularly fire into the dumpster and not your head. 

So, you can literally hop on into the dumpster, switch your camera to first person, and take cover. Just sit there as the enemy waves sprint at you, and gun them down every once in a while. 

Using the double rewards to your advantage, you’ll easily start making upwards of $100,000 for around ten rounds of work. Just rinse and repeat when the bonus is active and your Maze Bank account will look pretty healthy.