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GTA Online update gets players ready for next major event – patch notes

Published: 30/Jul/2020 12:11

by David Purcell


Rockstar Games have unveiled what appears to be the final patch before the next major event in GTA Online, and there’s quite a lot of rewards to talk about. 

The online game mode is constantly being refreshed with new content, although this update doesn’t appear to be as exciting as recent weeks. Previously, we have had everything from diamonds dropping back into the Diamond Casino Heist, to huge cash giveaways.

This week, though, there’s still a new car on the Lucky Wheel podium and various missions to complete for boosted bonuses.

New GTA Online update leak

GTA Online heist
Rockstar Games
GTA Online players can’t wait to hear more about the game’s next big heist.

Now, before we jump into the patch notes, Rockstar leaker TezFunz2 has revealed that everything included in the patch will last two weeks. After that, a new update will be released that should shake things up.

They said: “Worth noting the new event is up for two weeks, ending on Tuesday, August 11. That’s likely when we shall receive the new update.”

It’s already been confirmed that GTA Online is getting a new heist soon, and perhaps once this update has got out of the way, Rockstar will finally reveal more about the brand new location where it will be set.

GTA Online July 30 update – patch notes

Lucky Wheel podium car: Sugoi

Sugoi in GTA Online
Rockstar Games
Here it is – the new podium car.

The Sugoi has landed on the Diamond Casino podium, worth just over $1.2 million in-game. It could be yours for free with just one lucky spin.

GTA cash boosts and races

Arena War in GTA
Rockstar Games
If you wanted to play Arena War, now is the best time to try it.

Just like any other week in Los Santos, players will have the chance to rack up more rewards than usual for specific missions and races.

This week, Arena War modes have double cash bonuses and triple RP, while Survivals get double rewards on both counts. This might be the best time to give them a try.

Aside from that, the following races are featured in the patch:

  • Premium Race: A Sign of Things to Come
  • Time Trial: Vinewood Hills
  • RC Time Trial: Construction Site I


  • 50% Off: Arena Workshop, Apocalypse Arena War vehicles.
  • 40% Off: Arena Renovations, RC Bandito, Invade and Persuade Tank, Toros, Deviant.
  • 35% Off: Deveste Eight, Republican Space Ranger Weapons.

Twitch Prime rewards

If you’re interested in Twitch Prime rewards for Grand Theft Auto V, head over to our information hub on how to claim them. These usually include hundreds of thousands of GTA Online cash, plus exclusive offers on the game’s best vehicles.


Insane GTA 5 graphics mod shows what next-gen remaster could look like

Published: 24/Oct/2020 17:14

by Connor Bennett


One Grand Theft Auto fan has gone above and beyond with a new mod that gives GTA V a truly stunning, next-gen look.  

It’s been over seven years since Rockstar Game finally released GTA V and took players to Los Santos for an epic story about three criminals, each having their own troubles in the city. 

Even though the game is almost eight years old, Grand Theft Auto fans continue to explore Los Santos through GTA Online. However, many are getting impatient and want Rockstar to get a move on and finally announce something about GTA 6. 

Though, while those fans growing more and more impatient by the week, there are some who have decided to show how impressive GTA V could look if Rockstar ever decided to launch a remastered version.

GTA characters walking on the beach
Rockstar Games
Fans have been hoping for GTA 6 news but Rockstar have stayed quiet.

It comes from YouTuber OreoShaman who used their very own realism graphics mod on PC, alongside some ray-tracing, to add an extra layer of color and vibrance to Los Santos.

In the sweeping shots showing in the YouTuber’s video, key locations in the city like the southern port of Los Santos docks, Vinewood Hills, Vespucci, and even Sandy Shores look truly like real-life areas, while keeping still keeping that GTA V feel to them.

The YouTuber has clearly wowed fans too, as of the writing, their video has amassed over one million views as well as over 35,000 likes and plenty of comments stating how gorgeous they’ve made the game look.

While the impressive mod comes from outside of Rockstar, the iconic game devs might have something similar up their sleeve, seeing as GTA V is being ported to Xbox Series X/S and PS5 in the next few months. 

The next-gen consoles might give the devs more scope to improve on GTA Online, but many fans will be hoping that it’s not that long before they show off a new game, rather than expanding on an old one.