Major GTA Online money exploits patched in new background update

Connor Bennett

[jwplayer Gd3gIdIX] Rockstar Games have rolled out a new update for Grand Theft Auto Online and gotten rid of two major exploits in one fell swoop.

While the majority of GTA Online players earn their money fairly through hard work, there are plenty who stretch the rules of the game. These players are all about getting more money through different exploits. 

In recent weeks, Rockstar has been cracking down on these – getting rid of the duplication glitch surrounding apartments. Though, as you might expect, it is pretty hard to get rid of every problem in one go. Players will always move on and find workarounds or new glitches to exploit. 

However, the GTA Online developers are on the warpath again as they work to fully root out the apartment money transfer exploit as well as a few other problems. 

Rockstar Games
GTA Online players have been using apartments to duplicate money.

Rockstar insider TezFun noted that they rolled out a background update to patch the apartment duplication glitch as well as the Cashing Out mission exploit. 

The prior glitch revolved around players switching characters and transferring money through them while using different apartments. As for Cashing Out, players would use the free Elegy car, start the Casino mission named Cashing Out, and quickly quit after a few minutes.

This would allow them, for some reason, to duplicate any car from the Arena War DLC and sell it to make millions. Though, it has now been rooted out – on console, at least. 

Some players have reported that the car glitch still works on PC, but that the apartment money transfer exploit has gone for good. That is, probably, until someone puts in the effort to figure out a workaround. 

Even though Rockstar have addressed the exploits, they haven’t rolled out a ban wave as they did for the Casino Chip exploit a few months back. If players find workarounds for these exploits, that could be a possibility in the future.

For now, at least, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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