GTA RP star Buddha takes over NoPixel management from Koil amid controversies

Buddha streaming GTA RP side-by-side with Lang Buddha character in NoPixelTwitch: Buddha

GTA RP fan-favorite Buddha is now helping lead the NoPixel server in place of owner Koil amid ongoing controversies surrounding it. 

Whenever GTA RP has its boom periods on Twitch, there is typically only one big server that streamers are hoping to play on – NoPixel. 

The server has been at the forefront of the community for the last few years and helped with the 3.0 boom back in early 2021. Though, in recent weeks, the server has been swept up in a number of controversies. 

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They cut ties with popular streamer RatedEpicz after a number of women made accusations about his behavior in relationships, including the use of homophobic language and abuse NoPixel owner Koil has also been under fire, including being involved in a $150,000 lawsuit brought back former dev DW after he was terminated from working on the server and getting into a fiery back-and-forth with Twitch star PENTA over the state of the server

Buddha joins NoPixel team amid GTA RP server controversies

PENTA, as well as some other popular roleplayers, have left the server to go play on IgniteRP but others, including Buddha, have stuck around. 

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Now, Koil is handing off some of the leadership responsibilities to Buddha to help “steer” the direction of the server. “I do not plan to leave NoPixel or streaming, just focus more on things I enjoy and have it run in a way that is healthy,” the server owner said in a Discord message to fans. 

“I know it’s clear to everyone I am not as intertwined as I once was and to remedy that, we will be bringing on Buddha to help steer the ship of NoPixel.” 

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The GTA RP is certainly renowned for his roleplaying skills and has been at the forefront of many of NoPixel’s biggest and most interesting stories over the years. 

He has had his own complicated history with the server, as he was banned for an extended period back in the day. Though, he’s been thriving ever since 3.0 came around and should continue to do so.

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