Forgotten GTA Online trick is perfect way to deal with “aimbot” enemies

GTA online character running with red gun followed by helicopterRockstar Games

Had enough of enemies in GTA Online just gunning you down for fun? Well, one player has got a helpful tip that counters the “aimbot” NPCs of Los Santos. 

It’s been almost a full decade since Rockstar Games unleashed GTA Online onto the gaming world, and the multiplayer side of GTA 5 is still going strong to this day as it has spanned multiple generations of consoles. 

Despite being almost 10 years old, there are still plenty of secrets and tricks that players have only uncovered recently. Some have found secrets centered around the water in-game, while others have got clothing combinations that actually help you in different ways

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With a handful of new jobs being opened up to fans through the recent Los Santos Drug Wars update, you’ve got players trying to dig into their bags and find new tips and tricks as well. 

Under the radar GTA Online trick makes solo gunfights a breeze

Well, this one might not be the newest tip for some veteran GTA Online players, but it’s definitely one that has gone under the radar. 

According to Redditor EulerId, if you have the ability to call Merryweather and request their helicopter back-up, it’s a great way to deal with the “aimbot” NPCs that pop up as enemies on some missions. 

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It only costs $5,000 in-game and some players actively avoid it as it’s a Merryweather feature, but as the Redditor shows, it’s pretty solid when you need some covering fire in tight areas and pretty perfect if you’re grinding jobs all by yourself as a solo player. 

“Idk why I’ve never thought of this,” commented one player who might just want to use it in future. “Thanks for reminding me this existed, could make for some cool-looking fights as a solo player,” added another. “No matter how people view it, that’s the NPC support fighting beside you which some players have been looking for, and it’s cheap indeed.”

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As some others noted, it’s not exactly ideal if you have NPC teammates because they will get targeted by the air support, but if you’re running solo, it never hurts to have a bird in the air.

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