Dr. Dre drops big hints ahead of GTA Online’s next event

dr dre rockstar gta onlineRockstar Games

Music mogul Dr. Dre could be making a return to GTA Online after dropping hints ahead of Rockstar’s next big event.

The studio teased the next GTA Online event in their October 8 newswire, but it wasn’t until a few days later when we got a clue of Dre’s involvement. In fact, there’s reason to believe we’ll be getting new music from the industry legend as well as another GTA cameo.

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Rockstar expects to release GTA Online’s next event in the next few months. That coincides with a launch window that the artist himself may have hinted at.

Rockstar acted like they forgot about Dre but the studio may have kept his sequel performance under wraps this whole time.

Dr. Dre music in next GTA Online event?

Instagram travel influencer ‘Gwil34’ was lucky enough to meet the Master of Mixology and he’s apparently been working on something with Rockstar.

“He said new music from him for Grand Theft Auto game in December,” Gwil34 said.

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That could simply point to more classic Dr. Dre tracks making their way to GTA Online, but the artist also revealed he has “new music coming this year,” according to Gwil34.

dr dre rockstar gta onlineThe Instagram influencer said Dr. Dre had new music for Grand Theft Auto in December.

After 2020’s Cayo Perico update, players noticed Dre made a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance in one of the missions preceding the grand heist. He’s also had multiple tracks in GTA 5 and San Andreas, including some from his N.W.A. days.

Rockstar’s wire told GTA players to expect “well-known contacts and familiar friends” to make an appearance in the “exciting new adventure in GTA Online” soon.

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With only a few more months in 2021, we’re bound to get more official news of Dr. Dre’s involvement but, as of now, nothing has been confirmed.