Dr. Dre stuns GTA Online players with Cayo Perico heist cameo

cayo perico heist with dr dreRockstar Games

Rapping legend Dr. Dre has stunned Grand Theft Auto players after making a surprise appearance in the new Cayo Perico heist for GTA Online. 

The game’s latest major update rolled out on December 15, adding a brand new island to the mix, not to mention fresh weapons and a list of vehicles we’ve never seen before.

If you thought the fun stopped there, though, you would be wrong.

Many players have been running through the setup missions for the Cayo Perico heist and discovered Dre makes a cameo. It looks like Rockstar Games kept this one under wraps.

GTA Online Cayo Perico heistRockstar Games
The Cayo Perico was always going to be an exciting one for GTA players.

Where to find Dr. Dre in GTA Online

For those wondering where to find him in GTA 5, you’re going to have to download the latest Cayo Perico update first and foremost.

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After that, based on posts online from fans, it looks like he will appear as part of the setup missions.

Players made the discovery a few hours after the patch went live in-game, as Dr. Dre was spotted walking off a private plane by user soulslikegamer.

They’re not the only one to have noticed his arrival in the series, either, as DJ Pooh also posted a photo – as he’s been added to the game as well.

Dr. Dre GTA Online heist footage

Many fans have been reacting to the news, and as you can imagine, the majority are ecstatic.

If you haven’t yet seen Dr. Dre appear during the heist, the footage is quite cool to see as well. A group of “big guns” arrive and as you might expect, from the group flying out of their SUV comes the rapper along with DJ Pooh.

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Whether or not the iconic figure will play a major part in the heist remains to be seen, but if he’s appearing in the early stages, there’s no reason why he couldn’t be.