Strange GTA Online glitch is making cars explode randomly

gta exploding carRockstar Games

Driving around the streets of Los Santos in GTA Online can be a dangerous thing in online matches anyway, but a new exploding vehicle glitch has left players really confused. 

Grand Theft Auto fans might be looking forward to the new remastered Trilogy, coming in March 2022, but until then they have the full GTA 5 map to drive around.

The game’s popularity has never been stronger, encouraging Rockstar Games into creating a next-gen optimized version – also coming out in 2022. But even now, eight years or more after launch, the community are still finding small problems with gameplay.

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This time, it’s an exploding car glitch.

Cars are blowing up randomly in GTA Online

If you have ever been cruising on the roads in GTA Online and noticed your vehicle has started taking damage without gunfire or enemy attacks, there’s a chance you have been affected.

On October 11, a Reddit user posted a short video of it happening to them in-game.

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As you can see, the car starts to smoke up and eventually burn out, almost like it has a dangerous fault with it (which is, of course, not a feature in GTA).

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How many users this is affecting is unknown at the time of writing, but some members of the community have claimed this is something developers have tried to tackle in the past.

One player joked: “It’s what happens when you ignore your car’s warranty for too long,” while another said: “Back in the day when import-export was one of the main grind methods, people would interrupt the process to make all the players leave. Rockstar caught on and patched it so that if a player was suddenly dropped then reconnected in the lobby the I/E vehicle would catch fire.”

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Whether or not Rockstar will move to patch this problem remains to be seen. Until then, make sure you don’t stay inside the vehicle if this happens.

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