DisguisedToast slams ‘obsessive’ Twitch stans who idolize streamers

DisguisedToast Twitch StansTwitch: DisguisedToast

Jeremy ‘DisguisedToast’ Wang slammed Twitch stans who are “too invested” in their favorite streamers, urging them to take a step back.

DisguisedToast has never been one to mince his words. For the most part, he’s an open book and won’t hesitate to talk about various topics, and issues within stream culture live on stream.

Recently, he shared his thoughts on Twitch stan culture, which has been running rampant in recent months. More specifically, Toast had a vital message for ‘obsessive’ fans whose lives revolve around their favorite streamers a little too much.

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Twitch: Disguised ToastDisguisedToast won’t hesitate to call out anyone, including Twitch stans.

“Don’t idolize streamers. You can be fans of them. You can be stans for them. But your entire identity should not revolve around an internet personality,” he said.

“If your whole day gets ruined because something sad happened to [a streamer], you’re too invested.”

For that reason, he believes it’s important to “use content creators as a healthy source of entertainment.”

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Although there’s nothing wrong with being a diehard fan, there will come a time where everyone has to “leave the nest.”

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“You can still come back and visit. But if your entire life currently revolves around watching someone’s stream, you don’t have to stop right away, but one day I hope you watch it in a healthy manner.”

Toast’s comments are an important reminder for passionate fans, including his own, to keep their priorities in check.

After all, streamers are a source of entertainment, like he said. Supporting them doesn’t need to be a lifestyle choice.

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