Alleged GTA 6 actor fuels announcement trailer rumors with cryptic post

GTA 6 shootoutRockstar Games

An alleged GTA 6 voice actor is sparking more speculation about an official announcement from Rockstar after posting a cryptic photo to social media.

Grand Theft Auto fans across the world are anticipating Rockstar Games to finally unveil GTA 6 after months of hype about the next installment in the popular franchise.

As fans eagerly await news ahead of Take-Two’s investor call this month, sleuths have been keeping an eye on the social media accounts of one of the game’s supposed actors, Bryan Zampella, the voice of protagonist Jason.

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Ever since the infamous GTA 6 gameplay leaks showing off Vice City and other details, Bryan Zampella has been pinpointed as the actor, and on May 13, he posted a photo that has the internet convinced something big is happening.

GTA 6 fans think an announcement is being teased

On Instagram, Zampella uploaded a photo of himself in Miami while wearing a Hawaiian shirt. As we know, Vice City is a stand-in for Miami in GTA 6 and fans aren’t taking that as a mere coincidence.

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“Ya’ll teasing so hard, it’s not fair bro!” one fan commented.

Bryan Zampell gta 6Instagram/the_z_man_cometh
Fans think Bryan Zampella is teasing GTA 6 news.

The rumor soon spread to Reddit where others joined in with their own speculation on the potential teaser.

“He’s wearing a Hawaiian shirt, the recent Take-Two Interactive supposed deal, and the fact that the PlayStation Showcase is around the corner?! This is going to be nuts,” a user wrote.

It should be noted that so far, no PlayStation Showcase has been announced and it’s unclear if Rockstar would reveal the game at the Sony event, but that didn’t stop the speculation from mounting.

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“They are big enough to reveal something on their own terms, and it actually benefits them to not share the media spotlight with other game reveals,” another commented.

lucia in GTA 6Rockstar Games/Twitter/Twitter/Casanova
GTA 6 news could be coming soon.

“I fully believe GTA VI is getting announced at the end of the summer, but it’s definitely not through a PlayStation Showcase,” said someone else.

This news does come, however, as Take-Two is reportedly planning a massive marketing campaign in Miami. Additionally, a reporter recently teased that GTA 6 will be a “forever moment” after meeting with Rockstar boss Strauss Zelnick.

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We’ll have to wait and see if GTA 6 does in fact get announced in the days and weeks ahead as fans continue to anxiously await an official reveal from Rockstar.

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